Care Anywhere. Unlock 24/7 access to doctors, right in your pocket!

Save time and money with 24/7 access to board-certified physicians from your smartphone, tablet, or computer!

Unlimited connection to virtual healthcare services. Visit the doctor, negotiate medical bills, navigate a full healthcare marketplace, and more with your SHOWBenefits® mobile app!


Why Choose a SHOWBenefits® Plan?

Virtual Doctor Consults

Visit a doctor, counselor, psychiatrist or dermatologist by mobile app, video, or phone, in the comfort of your own home.

Avoid In-office Visits

Avoid in-office visits and the high cost of going to the emergency room or an urgent care center using telehealth services.

Expert Advice

Get help finding the best providers at the lowest cost. Experts negotiate your medical bills to make sure you save the most!

Secure and Private

All online and phone visits are convenient, private, and secure. Protection of your personal information is our priority.


Available SHOWBenefits® Plans

MySHOWBenefits Basic


/ per Month

Telemedicine - Medical

Unlimited access to a national network of licensed credentialed doctors, with a $0 Copay, via phone or video chat who can help to diagnose and even prescribe in real-time directly from your mobile device.


Personal advocate to help navigate the health system, identify centers of excellence, solve insurance claims issues, and coordinate care among physicians and medical providers.

Physician Locator

Search for in-network physicians, hospitals, dentists and other healthcare providers.

Medical Bill Saver

Specialized team to reduce medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses.

Chronic Care

FDA approved coaching application to help manage chronic conditions. Integrates with most activity trackers and testing devices.

Medical Market

Unlimited messaging to specialists including: Dentists, Dietitians, Dermatologists, Fitness trainers, Pediatricians, Primary Care, Psychologists, Pharmacists, Women's Health & more.


Lifestyle Perks - Free!

Our Free Perks program - Over 4,000 perks the entire family can use. No waiting times, use immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

SHOWBenefits® is a mobile app with 24/7 access to NCQA credentialed medical physicians. SHOWBenefits® is designed to help you access and navigate the healthcare landscape, combined with state-of-the-art digital health tools to ensure you always have the care you need right on your smartphone.

Access 24/7 to board-certified physicians, licensed behavioral health specialists*, dermatologists*, even access to licensed credentialed veterinarians & more - SHOWBenefits® is here to help!

*Not all SHOWBenefits packages include behavioral health and dermatology features. Please confirm the features of your selected package, prior to purchasing.

Using SHOWBenefits® doesn't cost you anything other than the monthly fee for the plan you sign up for. Unlimited access is included in every plan, with associated fees for upgraded features you select on your account.

After enrolling, you will receive an email that includes your personalized SHOWBenefits® information. The information includes Membership Identification cards and a Member Information Guide that describes the services included, and how to use them.

You can also download the SHOWBenefits® app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store on your mobile device.

SHOWBenefits® allows everyone in your household to use one card at one low monthly rate. Please follow the instructions in your welcome email so all family members gain access to their benefits.

We are committed to customer satisfaction. We want to hear from our members whenever they have questions or experience problems with SHOWBenefits®. Please feel free to contact us any time for any reason using the contact information at the bottom of this page or by emailing us.

All cancellation and refund policies can be found here. To speak to us directly about canceling your SHOWBenefits® account or to speak about any refund options, please contact our customer support team by email.